“I see a future where most people on the planet seek chiropractic care as the cornerstone of their health & wellness program.”

Dr. Heidi Haavik


CHAT chiropractic will enable you the public, to learn about the science of chiropractic and the benefits of taking care of your spine

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Since its discovery in 1895 the fundamental principles upon which chiropractic is based have changed little. However, what has changed are the levels of skill, science & knowledge that today’s chiropractors possess.  Although still grounded in the philosophy of their founding fathers, chiropractic has evolved to the highest of standards. Chiropractors now lead the way in an approach to health care that focuses on facilitating the full expression of each individual’s inborn potential. 

These techniques are delivered with the intention of restoring, maintaining and then optimizing nervous system function so that you and your family have the greatest opportunity to be at your best. 

This is achieved by restoring, maintaining and then optimizing the function of your back and neck, which together are referred to as the spinal column. By having your spinal and nervous system function at or near peak performance your body is allowed to fully express its inborn ability to heal and you are more likely to achieve unity of body, mind, and spirit. In this way, your body is given the best chance of healing itself as nature intended, and you have the best opportunity to express and experience life to its fullest. Such natural healing is the product of what your chiropractor calls inborn, or innate, intelligence.

Chiropractic is the only profession that concerns itself with the detection and correction of spinal subluxations. Those spinal subluxations may result from mental, physical or chemical stresses. When functioning correctly, your body is constantly and appropriately adapting to stress which can arise out of things like your job, pollution, the genes you’ve inherited, poor posture, or any one of the many parts that make up your day to day life. However, as you are probably aware, there are limits to what we can cope with. When you cross that line, the adaptive processes of the body break down and spinal subluxations may occur or, if already present, add to stress and detract from your adaptive capacity. 

Whether you are a mother, or a newborn baby, a small child who is about to enter a new growth spurt, a student preparing for exams, or an accountant who has just survived another tax year, your spine is susceptible to spinal subluxation. 

If we look at health as a journey, and not a destination, there is always something we can be doing or improving in ourselves along the way. Chiropractic is ideal for those who choose to embark on this life-long journey towards being their best. 

Dr Heidi Haavik

Dr. Heidi Haavik
CHAT chiropractic.
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